Two Sisters and a Tiffin

Aprils Happy Tififn lunch

A customer wrote to me last week and I was truly touched by her story and honored she choose to share it with us. How cooking and caring for someone else can help us with our own challenges in life, especially in this economy and the fragility of life and the sadness of loss. I can’t think of a better example of family being there for each other – or a story of food, love, and tiffins!

In April’s own words…

Frankly, packing her lunch in a “normal” vessel (i.e., brown paper bag, mini cooler, lunch box or eco-friendly reusable bag) just wouldn’t have the same appeal. After running across some online sites featuring bento-style lunches, I was intrigued, but bento boxes are so boring and not shiny. Plus, having worked as a sheet metal worker for the last 15+ years gave me a very deep appreciation for stainless steel. So, for now, she is my willing participant in the healing process. I believe I’m getting more out of all of this than she is! I post her lunch daily on my Facebook page and my friends and family are always making comments and Bambi remarks that for once, she’s finally popular!!! It’s great!

Thank you April.

Author: Andrea

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