How to make your own tiffin lunch box

For all of those customers who don’t want to buy a tiffin, there is a great tutorial on how to make your own tiffin out of tuna cans from

For those of you with two left thumbs when it comes to constructing something – we’ll be right here – ready to send you a (pre-made!) tiffin.


A Tiffin of Boeuf Bourguignon a La Julia Child

Beef Bourguignon in a Tiffin
Beef Bourguignon in a Tiffin

I had terrific weekend, enjoying Fiesta and seeing the movie Julie & Julia. The film is completely fun and if you are a foodie like me, inspiration quickly took hold and I absolutely had to make Boeuf Bourguignon. I’m sure you guessed the next part, I mean – what else would be in my tiffin for lunch?

It took 5 hours to create and was unctuous to the very last bite. Highly recommend making it.  Not only that but you’ll have the best lunch in town!

My Tiffin Picnic

Happy Tiffin thinks this picnic rocks! Way to go ladies. Very impressive spread!

Monestary Picnic
Monestary Picnic
Awesome Tiffin Picnic
Awesome Tiffin Picnic

My Tiffin instant picnic!  A four-tiered tiffin unfolded into assorted crudites (carrots, cucumber, snow peas, cherry tomatoes) and black eyed peas salad.  A three-tiered tiffin unfolded into assorted homemade dips (hummus, tatziki and black bean).  Add some homemade pita, homemade shortbread cookies, sparkling wine and candles, and you have an award winning picnic.  So, seriously, it won an award:
Francoise G., Washington, D.C.

Pictures of my lunch, part 2

I love that the bottom level of my new two-tier large tiffin is large enough to pack my microwavable container full of green beans and and wild rice almondine. There’s ample room around the container to put some grapes. The rest of my fruit fits nicely in the top level. No spillage concerns for me!
Lorrin, Hampton Roads, Virginia

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A Tiffin Large Enough to Fit a Whole Sandwich – HURRAH!

Now this is a tiffin a girl can love! Here is my lunch-of-the-day and to my surprise an entire sandwich fits in the top tier of the (large) tiffin and conveniently the bottom tier holds my fresh arugula salad. What a perfect package for my lunch. I am so happy with my happy tiffin. —Samantha, Portland, Oregon

Samanthas Tiffin Lunch
Samantha's Tiffin Lunch

My first ever tiffin lunch!

My first ever tiffin lunch
I just got my tiffin earlier this week and already I feel inspired to pack beautiful, healthy food to complement my beautiful tiffin! Here is a photo of my first tiffin lunch – green salad with edamame, chickpeas, hard-boiled egg, craisins and crutons, tortilla roll-ups and a snack of carrots and cheese for later this afternoon.
Thanks for showing me that there is a whole world of lunches that don’t involve ziploc bags or frozen meals!
— Michelle, Indianapolis, IN