Happy Tiffin promotes entrepreneurs with micro loans

Since the start of this business, I have been thinking about a way to contribute which is meaningful and speaks to the roots of Happy Tiffin as a business. I can’t think of a better way to give back or share than to support other entrepreneurs who are starting up their own businesses. Join me in providing small loans to spur entrepreneurship to individuals who do not have access to traditional credit because they lack collateral, steady employment or verifiable credit history. Happy Tiffin will be making these contributions through Kiva’s micro loan program. Micro loans help to alleviate poverty in developing nations. You can learn more about Kiva, here.

As my friend told me last night in regards to money – “You can’t take it with it you!”

Happy Tiffin’s first contribution:

Gnel Nakri is 43 years old and sells fruit in Takeo province. Her business has been around for about four years and she makes US$ 5 every day. Her husband is a moto-taxi driver and makes US$ 2.50 a day. This couple has five children; two are students and two others are garment factory workers. Gnel Nakri is asking for a loan of US$ 800 to purchase a motorbike and a trailer for her husband to operate a moto-taxi service.

Author: Andrea

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