One of my favorite lunch boxes


It’s true – i use my own tiffin products every single day. I vacillate between the Road Hog or the Happy Home food containers for my daily lunch. Yesterdays’s fabulous lunch was a simple cucumber and hard boiled egg.  I also keep a mixture of Spike spice, red pepper flakes, salt and curry to season as needed; a crazy mixture of dry seasonings but is FABULOUS to spice up that next meal. Yum!

I put carrots, sandwiches, sliced apples w/a spritz of lemon. A single square of cake or truffle chocolate rounds it out.

I just wanted you all to know that – YES. I use these. Yes – they are my favorite items. Yes – they are festive.

But most of all?! They rock and take me right back to my Wonder Woman lunch box roots!

Great Valentine’s Gift for your little ones!

“Road Hog” Bento Box

February is upon us and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! What better way to show your little tikes how much you love them then with a Road Hog Bento Lunch Box. Kids enjoy these because it makes eating lunch fun.  Moms love them for their convenience. It’s a win, win situation!

What’s really cool about these adorable little Bentos is that the spare tire of this fun little Bento box is actually a round, lidded inset container for apple sauce, yogurt or pudding – and it won’t get mixed up with the main contents. Made of high tensile strength 201 stainless steel with heavy-duty top/bottom latches to keep the container tightly locked. Spill-proof and dishwasher-safe.

Road Hog Bento Box

Also, Don’t forget to ENTER TO WIN

One lucky winner is going to win the 4-tier Pyramid Tiffin! This is our most popular and stylish tiffin. Perfect for parties and for taking on picnics. Our Pyramid Tiffins are exceptional – the beautifully designed handle makes our Pyramids more comfortable to hold as they are not sharply squared off and unflattering. Also note the curvy shape of each tier which is topped with an individual plate. CLICK HERE for your chance to win!

Two Sisters and a Tiffin

A customer wrote to me last week and I was truly touched by her story and honored she choose to share it with us. How cooking and caring for someone else can help us with our own challenges in life, especially in this economy and the fragility of life and the sadness of loss. I can’t think of a better example of family being there for each other – or a story of food, love, and tiffins!

In April’s own words…

Frankly, packing her lunch in a “normal” vessel (i.e., brown paper bag, mini cooler, lunch box or eco-friendly reusable bag) just wouldn’t have the same appeal. After running across some online sites featuring bento-style lunches, I was intrigued, but bento boxes are so boring and not shiny. Plus, having worked as a sheet metal worker for the last 15+ years gave me a very deep appreciation for stainless steel. So, for now, she is my willing participant in the healing process. I believe I’m getting more out of all of this than she is! I post her lunch daily on my Facebook page and my friends and family are always making comments and Bambi remarks that for once, she’s finally popular!!! It’s great!

Thank you April.

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President of the Happy Tiffin Kindergarten Fan Club

“Great Product!! FYI.. Happy Tiffin = Happy Angelina (5 yrs old) and Self proclaimed President Happy Tiffin Kindergarten Fan club.”

Nothing makes us happier than to see a happy customer and Angelina is both that and the self-proclaimed President of the Happy Tiffin Kindergarten Fan Club.  I couldn’t imagine a better President of the Happy Tiffin Kindergarten Fan Club if I tried! From all of us at the Happy Tiffin – THANKS ANGELINA –  for making our DAY and to James (Dad) for sharing this with us!

Weekend in Solvang and celebrity sighting

Living in Santa Barbara has been such a treat. I love the ability to travel from beach to  mountains in less than an hour and to enjoy the feeling that you are really getting away – not that being here to begin with isn’t already “away!”

This past holiday weekend went up to Solvang to do a bit of wine tasting at Demetria Estate and of course – have a fabulous tiffin picnic spread. I love taking the Square Tiffin. It’s so industrial and can hold gobs more than my friends and i could possibly enjoy in the span of a few hours.

Oh yeah… and then LL Cool J stopped by to help take photos and enjoy the sunshine. Love that!

Happy Tiffin Flickr Group

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to share photos from our Happy Tiffin group on Flickr to display the creative  (and delicious) lunches people are packing in their tiffins. Yummy – some great ideas here! Can’t wait to see what will be in those Thanksgiving day tiffins. Click on thumbnail image for a larger view.


Happy Tiffin – What’s in your tiffin?

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A Tiffin of Boeuf Bourguignon a La Julia Child

Beef Bourguignon in a Tiffin
Beef Bourguignon in a Tiffin

I had terrific weekend, enjoying Fiesta and seeing the movie Julie & Julia. The film is completely fun and if you are a foodie like me, inspiration quickly took hold and I absolutely had to make Boeuf Bourguignon. I’m sure you guessed the next part, I mean – what else would be in my tiffin for lunch?

It took 5 hours to create and was unctuous to the very last bite. Highly recommend making it.  Not only that but you’ll have the best lunch in town!

My Tiffin Picnic

Happy Tiffin thinks this picnic rocks! Way to go ladies. Very impressive spread!

Monestary Picnic
Monestary Picnic
Awesome Tiffin Picnic
Awesome Tiffin Picnic

My Tiffin instant picnic!  A four-tiered tiffin unfolded into assorted crudites (carrots, cucumber, snow peas, cherry tomatoes) and black eyed peas salad.  A three-tiered tiffin unfolded into assorted homemade dips (hummus, tatziki and black bean).  Add some homemade pita, homemade shortbread cookies, sparkling wine and candles, and you have an award winning picnic.  So, seriously, it won an award:
Francoise G., Washington, D.C.

Pictures of my lunch, part 2

I love that the bottom level of my new two-tier large tiffin is large enough to pack my microwavable container full of green beans and and wild rice almondine. There’s ample room around the container to put some grapes. The rest of my fruit fits nicely in the top level. No spillage concerns for me!
Lorrin, Hampton Roads, Virginia

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A Tiffin Large Enough to Fit a Whole Sandwich – HURRAH!

Now this is a tiffin a girl can love! Here is my lunch-of-the-day and to my surprise an entire sandwich fits in the top tier of the (large) tiffin and conveniently the bottom tier holds my fresh arugula salad. What a perfect package for my lunch. I am so happy with my happy tiffin. —Samantha, Portland, Oregon

Samanthas Tiffin Lunch
Samantha's Tiffin Lunch