The Brass Makers of India

After spending time in India – i can only say that i left there want to learn more about their culture, people and spirituality; i was completely fascinated with the artisans, spiritualists, vendors, technology, history – a vast world so unlike the day-to-day of western culture.  Sign me up! I could easily live there and adjust to the heat, humidity and way of life; it just what one does.

At the end of my journey on the way back to Mumbai to catch my final flight home to the west coast, we scheduled a stop to these uruli brass makers. They make the traditional bowls using a lost wax process. That means creating a was mold, building a harder cement mold around that and then firing the piece over a real fire overnight and collecting the lost wax for other pieces. Then it moves from person to person to complete the finishing process – remove and smooth down areas, add detail work, and finally to polish and shine the piece. This one company made everything from huge 500 lb bells to large life size statues of gods, to smaller hand held pieces of the same.

Takraw in Thailand and Spicy Fun

Pickup truck

Traveling is a few-and-far between treat now that I am an adult, but as a child – by the time I was 12 – we had crisscrossed the world a few times over. Some of the more exotic places were the hardest to live in.  I remember being in Bangkok and having the local kids tease me on the transit bus yet also play Takraw (small woven wicker ball) with us for hours behind the hotel. Fun for my brother and I but my parents were frantic; we weren’t in the hotel and the staff was madly looking for us. I still marvel that  communicate with our new friends didn’t mean sharing a language as that simply did not matter. The universal bond being our age and enthusiasm. Continue reading “Takraw in Thailand and Spicy Fun”

Weekend in Solvang and celebrity sighting

Living in Santa Barbara has been such a treat. I love the ability to travel from beach to  mountains in less than an hour and to enjoy the feeling that you are really getting away – not that being here to begin with isn’t already “away!”

This past holiday weekend went up to Solvang to do a bit of wine tasting at Demetria Estate and of course – have a fabulous tiffin picnic spread. I love taking the Square Tiffin. It’s so industrial and can hold gobs more than my friends and i could possibly enjoy in the span of a few hours.

Oh yeah… and then LL Cool J stopped by to help take photos and enjoy the sunshine. Love that!