How do you keep your food fresh and safe for picnics, lunch, dinner, potluck or tailgating events?  We bring you the iconic stainless steel Tiffin Carriers.


Our Tiffin lunch containers keep food safe and fresh even after hours of storage. These are tiered Tiffin carriers that are equally dynamic and practical. They’re sturdy and stylish, ideal for snacks and lunch meals and great for both hot and cold food. Even the most ordinarily-packed breakfast can appear classy with these extraordinary food containers .

Latch Tiffins
Stainless Steel Mess Trays




  • Keeps food fresh and clean - Tiffin carriers are stainless steel. It’s easier to wash and it doesn’t hold food odor. Our tiered Tiffin lunch boxes have separate air-tight compartments, which keeps the food free of contaminants common in other food containers.

  • Tiffin carriers are eco-friendly

    • It’s made of food-grade stainless steel
    • Reusable
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Free from lead and other harmful toxins commonly found in plastic wares and container
    • They’re sustainable and can last you for a lifetime.

Mess Trays & Lunch Bowls


Classy, eco-friendly and definitely gorgeous-looking plates that kids will surely love.  These are the original reusable plates for school canteens, cafeteria and food halls



Tiffin carriers , lunch bowls are also partitioned into several compartments, giving you several spaces for different food items – such as vegetables, sandwiches, fruits and yes, even salad dressing.  Air-tight, liquid-tight, leak-free, versatile and features 18/10 stainless steel. A food container like no other; it’s as good as it gets!



Skip the plastic and enjoy your events guilt-free, knowing you’re not harming the environment with your choices.  Happy packing!